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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

How are STIs Spread?

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You can become infected with an STI if you are exposed the bacteria or virus that causes it.

  • Syphilis – is spread through direct contact with a syphilis sore on a penis or inside a mouth or anus or through an infected bodily fluid.
  • Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia – are spread after exposure to their bacteria in the urethra of a penis, a mouth, or an anus.
  • Herpes – is spread through direct contact with the blister or sore on a penis, mouth, or anus. The blister fluid is very infectious.
  • Warts – require direct contact with the virus that causes warts, even if no warts are present on the skin.
  • HEP A, B, C – after exposure to the virus through faeces (HEP A), blood (HEP B & C), or other fluids like saliva, urine, or semen (HEP B).

Most STIs can be transmitted through many kinds of sexual activities including:

  • Both receiving and giving oral sex
  • Licking someone’s anus or having your anus licked
  • Through giving or receiving anal sex
  • By Rubbing penises together
  • Through Sharing sex toys

These sexual acts generally expose you directly to the bacteria or virus that produces the STI.


  • Unlike HIV, other STIs do not always require you to be exposed to bodily fluids like semen or blood.
  • You can't always see STIs because some do not produce symptoms and other produce sores in the mouth or anus where you can not see them.