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About Afya4Men


Sex is an important and amazing part of our lives, and whether we’re seasoned pros or new to the game, there’s always more we can learn to keep our sex lives active, fulfilling, and healthy.

That’s what Afya4Men is here to do. The website is made by men just like you and is filled with information that will help you lead a healthier and safer sex life.

Start by taking a look at the Men and Sex section and get answers to the questions you’ve been curious about.

The HIV and STI sections will give you a heads up for what to look out for, how to keep having safe sex that works for you, and signs of when you might need to get to a clinic sooner rather than later.

Alcohol and drugs may also be a part of our lives. Check out these sections to find out ways to party safer and keep your health in check.

Sometimes we have to deal with violence, but we don’t always talk about it when it happens in our relationships. Check out these sections to start the conversation now.

Sex doesn’t just happen between our legs! Our brains are a big part of getting turned on so make sure your mental health is just as tuned up as your physical health. Find out more here.

Getting health care isn’t always as easy as it should be. Make sure you’re ready the next time you go the clinic by knowing your rights. If you think that you’re not getting the right service at the clinic, then check out our list of other service providers where you can find friendly services for men and for men who have sex with other men.